GBG Test 2

Giant Board Game is an activity game for kids 5+ using a real-life board created with our game cards.

Giant Board Game is made up of Challenge, Performer, Question and Random game squares. When a player lands on one of these squares they have to complete an activity!

Super easy for kids to set up and play. Use our game cards to set up a board in your house or garden. Then roll a dice to move and complete activity cards for hilarious fun.

It is the Official Giant Board Game from the hugely popular YouTube phenomenon that kids love with more than 200 million views! Kids will want to copy their favourite YouTube star! Loved by mums of Instagram!

This game includes 50 cards and more than 250 fun activities for children and families - no two games are ever the same! It requires one dice or a free dice app, not included. Each game lasts 15-30 minutes.

The game can be played with 2+ players aged 5 or older, the more the merrier. Great lockdown, birthday party and holiday game! Get yours now!